M.E.I.N. 2019 Deluxe Membership

M.E.I.N. 2019 Deluxe Membership

Your bundle includes:

  • - Exclusive M.E.I.N. T-Shirt
  • - One 2019 M.E.I.N. Guitar Pick

M.E.I.N. Online Features:

  • - Members Only Blogs
  • - Members Only Contests
  • - In-Community Messaging & Friend Adding
  • - Personalized / Customizable Profile Pages
  • - 15% discount on applicable items in the M.E.I.N. Fan Club merch store (applied in the last step of the checkout process right before you place your order)

Your tenure as a member of M.E.I.N. is still in place and will be reflected in the windows you'll have access to purchase in during ticket pre-sales*:

  • - 10+ Year Members 1st
  • - 5-9 Year Members 2nd
  • - 0-4 Year Members 3rd

Exact timing will all be communicated to you prior to pre-sales.

*please note - your membership to M.E.I.N. does not guarantee you a ticket during fan club pre-sales. It simply allows you access to participate in the pre-sale opportunities. 

Your M.E.I.N. subscription goes into effect automatically upon purchase.  All sales final.

Please note: If you are a longterm MEIN member who belongs to the 5-9 Year Member and 10+ Year Member tiers, please email [email protected] once you've renewed your membership and one of our fan support reps will be happy to make sure your membership seniority is instated.

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  • M.E.I.N. 2019 Exclusive T-Shirt: