M.E.I.N. Has A New Points Store!
April 04, 2017 by Tracy Albright 0 Comments

M.E.I.N. Has A New Points Store!


M.E.I.N. Members: You know all those points you've been accumulating in the fan club? Well, now you can spend them! Head over to the fan club store and click on "Points Items".

Right now there are just a few items in there, but if you like it, more can be added!

(One note, once an item is gone, it's gone. So, if there's something there you'd like, and you have enough points, grab it!)

Earning points 

If you aren't aware, points are accumulated, mostly for being social. You earn points for blogging, replying to blogs and can earn all of these unlockable points:

It's easy to rack up points! We can't wait to read your blogs and stories! Have fun making friends and we hope you enjoy this new addition to the fan club store.

~Tracy Albright


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