"My personal goal is to get people to understand that health is our responsibility." - Melissa Etheridge

HEALTH: About eight years ago I started my journey to understanding that each of us controls our own reality. I started researching and reading and it was a compete avalanche of information from everywhere. Once you literally change your mind, once you open up to even the possibility that maybe life isn't happening TO me, and these bad things just come out of nowhere and something else is holding my destiny; as soon as you open your mind to the thought that, “I have more control and more power than I ever believed,” then it starts to become in focus. It's like a light that shines on all of these things. You start seeing that it is in books; you start seeing it all around you.

“Because part of my touring personnel is a chef (Fiona), every meal is astounding because she follows my strict guidelines that I need for food. No dairy, no wheat, no sugar, lots of vegetables and fish, so I am actually healthier when I am on the road than when I get home just because of the wonderful cooking.” - Melissa

We asked Melissa's fans to submit questions for Fiona Bohane, who was the touring chef on the 4th Street Feeling tour in 2012. Let's check in and see what Fiona had to say about cooking for Melissa!