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NEW YORK JULY 25, 2006

My First

Had an absolutely wonderful time!  You made my first travel package experience one to remember!

Cynthia R.
Islip, NY

Great Memories

I was on the travel package for New York this past week and I wanted to thank everyone for everything they did to make our trip the great success that it was. My son had a great time and we met a ton of new friends.

The party the night before was fun...and the Meet and Greet was great,..(yeah we won't talk about the late bus,..gotta love that NY traffic,'s good to be back in my "small town"),..if we meet up again with a bus issue, my son said he will bring his guitar and get everyone singing and forgetting we were running late!

I will definitely be doing another Meet and Greet if it's offered,.... ;)

Special thanks to the M.E.I.N. hosts for giving us such great memories!

Cheers,...we'll see you next time!  ;)

Beth & Matt R. 
Muskegon, MI