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HONOLULU MARCH 6 & 7, 2008

I just wanted to tell you that I had a fabulous time on the Honolulu travel package and what a wonderful job everyone did. This was my first travel package and at first, I thought it was expensive. Now that I have experienced it, I believe it was worth every penny. And I can't say enough about our travel hosts - they were so accommodating, fun and just genuine. Kudos to all and I hope to join you on another package. I certainly will tell all of my friends what a great experience this was.
- Linda S.

Thank You Melissa and the M.E.I.N crew. You really know how to make a person feel at home. This ...was a dream come true for me and my partner. We had a fabulous time with all the parties before and after the concert and met great people from all over the world. Melissa is such an inspiration to me and so many people on this earth and I really hope she knows how she touches all of our lives. And to be able to sit and talk with her (during the Q&A) was a real deep experience. I have to applaud the M.E.I.N. hosts of the parties and for the fan club - they know their jobs and know them well. I will definitely have this experience again.
- Dawn P.

What an amazing time.....We have been on a travel package once before, loved it, and knew we would do it again. But the experience of Hawaii combined with Melissa was beyond our expectations. She is always phenomenal in concert - however, the time with her before the concert just blew us away. She sat there, hanging off the stage, answering everyone's questions, like she had all the time in the world to spend with us, as if we were old friends.... How amazing -- what could top this? The M.E.I.N. staff were wonderful. We had a great time hanging out with them. They made our group activities so much fun.
- Subrena C. & Judi C.

The M.E.I.N. staff was outstanding! I actually traveled solo this trip and felt welcomed as if I was among life long friends. Of course, on a travel package to Melissa, no one is solo for long as everyone is friendly and family. But the M.E.I.N. staff went out of their way to make the entire trip special and memorable. Anyone on the fence about going to a package solo, don't give it a second thought. You will have a great time and come home with new friends!
- Bill S.

Thanks so much for the great time. It was definitely the way to celebrate my 30th Birthday and the completion of my Master's Degree.
- Holan H.

THANK YOU and the crew.... It was a great time.
- Frank C.

Great show! The soundcheck and Q&A were awesome and our friend Lesley won the Ovation guitar. Fun times can't wait for the tour!!!
- Angela C.

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