Melissa Etheridge Unleashes Remix of New Song "Uprising Of Love"

Grammy Award winner Melissa Etheridge has written and recorded a new anthem entitled “Uprising of Love”, which has become the inspiration for a new coalition by the same name, Uprising of Love, a movement in support of the safety and dignity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Russians. In advance of the songs official release in January 2014, Etheridge shares today a special remix of Uprising of Love as a sneak preview of her new track and asks you to join her in this international uprising of love by spreading the message of love through lyric.

“We have worked so hard to create change and equality for the LGBT community in the US and it’s shocking to see such backwards movement in Russia. This song is a direct call to action for people to get involved, become vocal, and connect directly with this serious issue. There is no time to waste and that’s why I chose to let this remix debut ahead of the January 2014 release of the original version,” explains Melissa Etheridge, co-founder of the Uprising of Love coalition.“I felt that we needed to go into the new year creating an international uprising of love to let theLGBT people of Russia know that they are not alone, and that the rest of the world is here to help.”

Date Posted: 
Dec 20 2013

OK! TV Exclusive - Melissa discusses her involvement in Uprising Of Love

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Date Posted: 
Dec 16 2013

Get a sneak peak at "Uprising Of Love"

Date Posted: 
Dec 12 2013

Melissa discusses her involvement in Uprising Of Love on OK TV USA

Watch Melissa speak about her involvement in Uprising of Love tonight (Dec 11) on OK TV USA! Find your local station & air time.

Date Posted: 
Dec 11 2013
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