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Melissa will be hosting a 45 minute live video chat through Google+ Hangout on January 28th at 1:00pm PST / 4:00pm EST. Melissa will be joined on camera by Uprising of Love Coalition co-founders Dustin Lance Black and Bruce Cohen in addition to giving a special live performance of "Uprising of Love."

Want to join Melissa, Dustin, and Bruce in a fan Q&A during the video chat? Enter here: Melissa Etheridge Hangout Participant Form.

Watch the recorded Q&A

Date Posted: 
Jan 24 2014

Rolling Stone reviews "Uprising of Love"

Melissa Etheridge Seeks to Unite on 'Uprising of Love' - Song Premier
By: John Gentile

Melissa Etheridge was so incensed by the Russian government's recent treatment of the LGBT community, she wrote a single specifically about the issue and formed an entire coalition dedicated to supporting Russian LGBT activists. However, instead of an attack, the track "Uprising of Love" (which shares its name with the coalition), is a call for unity.

Date Posted: 
Jan 27 2014

Melissa speaks to The Daily Beast About Russia's Anti-Gay Laws

Melissa performed her new song "Uprising of Love" on NYE in Times Square NYC.
Photo: Tracy Albright & Kris Savoca

By: Kevin Fallon / The Daily Beast

The singer is pissed off about Russia’s dangerous anti-gay laws. She says America shouldn’t be boycotting the Sochi Olympics—now is the time for gay athletes to be heard.

Melissa Etheridge has a voice.

It’s a voice that, over her career as a singer, songwriter, and activist, has been used to rouse. It’s roused anyone who’s seen and heard the electricity with which she uses it on stage, performing any one of her indelible songs. And it’s roused to action those who can’t ignore its plea when it’s making a call for social change.

Date Posted: 
Jan 21 2014

"Uprising Of Love" To Be Released Jan 28!

On January 28th, Melissa will officially release the original version of her new song "Uprising of Love" on all digital retailers. The song was created in support of a new coalition by the same name, Uprising of Love which is a movement in support of the safety and dignity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Russians. Proceeds from the song will go towards the Russia Freedom Fund, a partner of the Uprising of Love coalition, and one of the only ways to make immediate and direct financial contributions to LGBT activists in Russia.

Date Posted: 
Jan 14 2014

M.E.I.N. Ticket & Travel Package On-Sale - Boston MA

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Join Melissa in Boston as she makes her first-ever appearance with a symphony orchestra. She will join "The Very Best of the Boston Pops" under conductor Keith Lockhart for the second half of the evening, playing 5-6 songs.
Location: Boston MA
Venue: Boston Symphony Hall
Show Dates: June 12 & 13, 2014
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Date Posted: 
Jan 13 2014
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