Melissa joins Press Conference in Support of California's Prop 19

L-R: Danny Glover, Melissa Etheridge, Hal Sparks,
Sarah Lovering, Steve Downing, Gary Johnson

An esteemed group of celebrities, activists and public servants spoke out on the issue of marijuana legalization at a press conference at Ivan Kane’s Café Was in Hollywood today. Speakers include multi-platinum, Grammy-winning musician Melissa Etheridge;

Actor Danny Glover; Actor/Comedian Hal Sparks; Former Governor of New Mexico and Honorary Chairman of the Our America Initiative, Governor Gary Johnson; former LAPD Deputy Chief Steve Downing; Sarah Lovering from the Marijuana Policy Project. Melissa Balin was the conference moderator.

Although referring to herself as a medicinal marijuana user, Melissa said she would like to see pot become legal because, “I don’t want to look like a criminal to my children anymore. I want them to know this is a choice that you make as a responsible adult. Instantly…within a minute [marijuana] relieves the nausea, relieves the pain,” Melissa said of her cancer treatment. “And all of a sudden I was normal. You don’t take medical marijuana to get high.”(Oct 21, 2010)