Ain't It Heavy

First appeared on Never Enough (1992)
Written by Melissa Etheridge

"I received my third Grammy nomination for 'Ain't It Heavy.' I was completely surprised when I actually won it. I love the fact that the Grammy award is actually a very heavy trophy, and on the trophy's it says, 'Ain't It Heavy.'

This was the easiest song to record on the third album. I was experimenting on Never Enough. Hip-hop was just starting to an make appearance and I wanted to try to combine hip-hop with rock and roll. I had this big idea that rock and roll and hip-hop could be married in some way, but other artists did it much better. I was experimenting on '2001,' and on 'Must Be Crazy For Me,' but when it came to 'Ain't It Heavy' I decided to just cut it in as a straightforward rock & roll song.'

Lyrically, it was where I was at the time: 'Sometimes I feel like it's never enough, survival is fine, but satisfaction is rough.' I realized that my personal life was not the best, but I was on the rise professionally, so it was my comment on that."

Sometimes I know that it's never enough
Survival is fine but satisfaction is rough
I try with an angel tonight
Spread these wings and I'm on for the ride
Cruise these streets where my innocence hides
There's some things you can't deny
What is it about this human condition
I need some kind of promise
Some kind of submission tonight

Ain't it heavy
Ain't the night heavy

I'm feelin' kinda loose I'm feelin' kinda mean
I've been feeling kinda wild since I turned seventeen
Or is it madness
Tell me where can a woman find any kind of peace
When does the fury and the agony cease
How long have I got to say please
There's a hole in my jeans I only wanted to fade
I've been ripping out seams
Somebody else made tonight

Ain't it heavy
Ain't the night heavy